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Presenze - Catellani & Smith - Latest Creations 2022

Presenze - Catellani & Smith - Latest Creations 2022

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Catellani & Smith's journey began with Enzo Catellani, a passionate artisan who started crafting lamps without any anticipation of success. He had no inkling of whether his creations would ever find buyers. Success struck suddenly and unexpectedly. The company's inception, almost by chance, was marked by Logan Smith's name, which was, amusingly, the moniker of Enzo's horse at the time. This whimsical choice not only aimed to divert attention from Enzo himself but also initiated a journey characterized by ongoing and spontaneous irony.



Catellani & Smith's history reflects the founder's modest beginnings and his gradual emergence into the world of lighting design. Enzo's early productions had not been geared for mass manufacturing, and he faced the challenge of transitioning to a production line. Nevertheless, since 1989, the company has witnessed significant growth and technological advancements. Despite these changes, the core philosophy remains unchanged: crafting lamps meticulously by hand, with a strong emphasis on quality. The company's continued commitment to Italian craftsmanship and production on the serene banks of the Serio River speaks to its enduring dedication to perfection.

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Over the years, Catellani & Smith has expanded its capabilities, leading to growth in both production and research. The firm's evolution has allowed for greater innovation and the capacity to create more diverse lighting solutions. Despite these developments, the company has retained its commitment to handcrafting lamps in tranquil workspaces. Each lamp is given the time it deserves, as 'beautiful' may be subjective, but 'perfect' is not. Enzo Catellani acknowledges the invaluable contributions of his team and their role in his own growth. As the company prepares for a new phase, the legacy of innovation and dedication continues, with new generations of artisans ready to make their mark.