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The shelves, produced in MDF with olive essence veneer, can be positioned in the holes along the struts as desired with a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 shelves. A special metal cylinder is attached to the ceiling to hold the bookcase in place. The Albero's frame is attached to this and the floor thanks to two adjustable metal ferrules that ensure its stability. The height of the bookcase can vary between 2.66 m to 3.26 m.
The "Albero" is formally associated with the Neoliberty period and, in terms of product type, to the floor-to-ceiling bookcase systems that were popular throughout the 50s and 60s. Designed by Frattini, the structure stands out both for its complex cabinet work and for its sculpted nature, acting as the centrepiece of a room.
Babel is a compact home bar unit comprising three cupboards in two different sizes.The largest, placed on the floor to support the other two, is in multiply birch with an ebony veneer MDF top and it has a chromium-plated tubular steel divider for bottles.
The legendary Vanity Fair, one of the first and most loved of the modern armchairs, goes small. This new Poltrona Frau edition is just for children - to help them learn about taste and style right from the start: an exact replica of the original model designed by Renzo Frau, and with the same irresistible charm but two-thirds the size
Poltrona Frau revisits one of the most interesting and versatile pieces in Guglielmo Ulrich’s extensive collection: the Brera bench. The simplicity of the design is fully consistent with the distinctiveness of the leather weave that upholsters the bench’s seating surface.
Gam Fratesi took inspiration from the traditional sewing basket when designing the modern and refined Cestlavie accessories. The material sensations of leather and the lightness of the metal architecture meet in a striking and elegant visual synthesis.
A sophisticated new player for the bedroom. Dorian Mirror. A simple rectangle that elegantly combines the stark, bright glass surface with the warmth of the leather-bound frame
The linear and clean elegance of Fidelio is perfectly expressed in the new floor lamp and in the new side tables that enrich the collection. Satellites designed by Roberto Lazzeroni so we can live in symbiosis with sofas and armchairs
A large frame with a leather finishing, in Pelle Frau® leather, surrounds two large rectangular mirrors, to be fixed to a wall or indeed laid on the ground, thanks to its hinged metal legs.
Originally designed by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1986, the Askos carafe in frosted and etched crystal is produced exclusively for Poltrona Frau. The name and shape are inspired by the small amphorae used to store oils and ointments in Ancient Greece.
The Cretto bowls evoke the three-dimensional and textural effects of the works of Alberto Burri, the inspiration for the collection’s name. Crafted in a small workshop in the heart of Umbria, the pieces explore the expressive worth of stoneware, a unique type of ceramic
Blue Pallo is an elegant and distinct vase. Thanks to its spherical shape and generously proportioned mouth, it is a highly decorative yet graphic and minimalistic piece, representing an evocative example of Carina Seth Andersson's approach to design.
The Kypelon glass in hand-blown crystal is characterised by the formal purity of the design. The vertical surface is frosted and etched, offering a delicate contrast with the thin transparent line of the rim to create a sophisticated design.
Two boxes that combine elegant upholstery in ink black Pelle Frau® Nubuck leather with the transparency and iridescence of the sharp-edged methacrylate lid.The upholstery is exquisitely crafted; the sides of the boxes are encased in seamless leather with clean edges and perfect 45-degree angles.
The transparency of glass and softness of leather are combined in a collection of vases, which can be arranged together or used individually. The collection features three simple clear glass cylinders in different sizes and a series of covers in Pelle Frau® leather.
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