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What do we mean by “modern furniture”? For Poltrona Frau it is a concept that goes well beyond designing and producing designer armchairs and sofas. It is a living philosophy embodied by a complete range of different objects with specific personalities which are nonetheless united by an invisible thread.

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The main strength of Porada is also, and most important, something else. Something that has nothing to do with the quality of the materials or cutting-edge machinery. It’s the human factor. They’re people who for years have become part of this family, who treat products as they would do with something of their own, putting all their care and passion in their daily work.

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A warm and welcoming living room is created by mixing and matching our soft-seating collections

  • Sofa & Armchair

  • Coffee Table


By constantly striving to satisfy customers' needs, Casamilano has always focused its stylistic researches on concrete projects.

Casamilano is very careful in selecting the best materials. The high aesthetic level that distinguishes its collection is given by the quality of the raw materials used, the choice of the best essences for the veneers, the handcrafted and manual finishes, the precious marbles and the wide range of fabrics and leathers in trendy colours.

  • Sofa & Armchair

  • Coffee Table


MDF Italia is a Milan-based design company manufacturing furniture, which was fully acquired in 2013 by the holding group of the Cassina family, a long-standing leader in Italian design. MDF Italia was set up with a dynamic entrepreneurial and product strategy in mind and it has always focused on design and simplicity as core values in selecting projects and designers.

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The tangible and intangible intrinsic value of the GTV collection is expressed in the Wiener GTV Design brand, engraved on a coin embedded in the structure of each single piece: a precious detail that certifies authenticity, originality and quality in stable balance between manufacturing and high-level craftsmanship. Inspiring this unique detail was the coin with the image of the brand that was historically spent internally within Thonet production facilities throughout Europe.


Gervasoni Coffee Tables for living room. Search all products and retailers of Coffee Tables for living room Gervasoni: discover prices, catalogues, and novelties.

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Acerbis has always made technology and experiments the two linchpins of its philosophy: a design in which the visual and the tactile live side by side in a combination of function and beauty. A system of values that dominates the DNA of Acerbis and places the most advanced techniques and the selection of the most innovative materials at the service of design.

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Timeless collections, elegant and without frills, essential but still vivacious, modern but with no compromises with temporary trends. Each original MERIDIANI product is the result of the use of the best materials and careful quality controls: expertise and attention to detailing are carried out by artisans who perfectly complement the mechanized processes.

  • Sofa & Armchair

  • Coffee Table