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A Poltrona Frau home has always the right atmosphere yours.

Not only sofas and armchairs, but even bookcases, tables, beds, wardrobes, cupboards and interior design items. Poltrona Frau offers a complete home décor system expressing their philosophy of living.


A place that resembles us, that communicates our personal taste, that perfectly fits to our lives like a tailor-made outfit, that enhances our personality giving us maximum comfort. An elegant environment where everyone can relax and feel comfortable. Where you can gather your loved ones, best reads, experiences, treasures.

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A Poltrona Frau home is the exact opposite of a “beautiful polished house”. It refuses to be a mere status symbol to be shown off and prefers to be considered a comfortable place, where you like to stay and wish to return.


A warm, welcoming environment, built slowly piece by piece. The ideal setting for collecting and enhancing all the odd pieces that build our story and our everyday life.


This is why a Poltrona Frau home has always a unique and unmistakable atmosphere: its owner’s style.

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