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Jean-Marie Massaud

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau, the In the Mood seating system was conceived to allow fabric and leather express themselves as expanses of soft and welcoming surfaces. A strongly horizontal design for a sofa of sophisticated simplicity that wears both finishes with consummate sartorial elegance.

The large padded surfaces and minimalist, almost elementary, design of the In the Mood sofa are particularly successful at bringing out the beauty of the upholstery, in fine Pelle Frau* leather or in numerous patterns of fabrics and splendid shades of ColorSphere®. The characteristic sleekness of the feet projected towards the centre of the seat creates a dynamic tension that exudes energy and lightness. Sartorial stitching details, typical of Poltrona Frau’s history in upholstery, are given a contemporary twist, like the leather or fabric piping that defines the edges of the sofa. The In the Mood seating system is available in numerous two or three-seater combinations. These can be enhanced with a curved 45° element that breaks up the classic rigidity of the angular configurations, and with three different types of armrest.

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