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Jean-Marie Massaud

With the Lloyd storage units and bookcases Jean-Marie Massaud designs a system of variable geometries. Thin vertical wooden rods create light grilles that run from top to bottom on invisible horizontal rails. Each grille can be moved as desired to create sequences that are different each time. A fluctuating score of solids and voids, of light and shade. A sensual game that offers a glimpse of the contents, books and objects without fully revealing them. The most advanced technology is combined with traditional materials, wood and saddle leather, to form a solid and minimalist structure.

The horizontal elements on which the grilles slide are made from HPL laminate, a material which even in very thin layers guarantees stability and strength, with a natural oak veneer in a matt lead finish. The vertical saddle-leather uprights are placed at regular intervals to give the piece of furniture rhythm and enhance the liberal effect of the grilles. Each individual grille is a painstaking piece of cabinetwork. Made of solid oak, they move along rails carved into the shelves and are furnished with plastic runners to reduce friction. The solid oak rods are cut in different thicknesses and then individually glued by hand. The sides of the structure are closed by fixed solid oak grilles.

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