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Take your time even in the office.

Comfort is our focus for each piece of furniture we create.


Because we believe that ergonomics cannot be separated from design. Living with functional, beautiful and comfortable objects is the first step to well-being. This is even more true for our working environment, the place where we spend most part of our day.


We need to create an environment that facilitates concentration, human relations, efficiency and productivity.

Poltrona Frau Office Division studies specific solutions for high profile offices.


Elegant, long-lasting furniture that will optimize all spaces, from the executive to the common areas, from the hall and waiting areas to the meeting rooms.


Poltrona Frau offers a range of seating solutions with different functional and technological characteristics, desks, meeting room tables, office furniture and file containers.


Different solutions according to the type of business and working necessities, combined with the unmistakable and personal style of all our products.

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