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Salone del Mobile 2023 | Ozzio Italia | Milan | Contemporary italian design furniture

Salone del Mobile 2023 | Ozzio Italia | Milan | Contemporary italian design furniture

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Ozzio Italia, a renowned name in the realm of interior design, finds its roots in the design and fashion capital of the world, Milan. Born in the vibrant atmosphere of the 1990s, Ozzio Italia embarked on a rapid growth trajectory, catering to the ever-evolving demands of a dynamic world. At the heart of Ozzio's design philosophy lies a profound belief: "Space is moving." This seemingly simple yet profound statement challenges conventional notions of space and movement, urging us to rethink how we interact with our surroundings.

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Ozzio Italia stands committed to its noble mission with the support of some of the world's finest designers. In an industry where adherence to established norms can stifle creativity, Ozzio Italia thrives on breaking boundaries and defying preconceptions. This brand isn't content with things being a certain way; instead, it aspires to provide people with design pieces that challenge the status quo. By encouraging the removal of unnecessary objects and embracing contrast and beauty, Ozzio Italia creates a unique and dynamic world where form and function coalesce harmoniously.

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At Riluc, they redefine the possibilities of metal, blending technical excellence with artistic exploration through continuous research. Metal, deeply intertwined with human progress since ancient times, finds new life in the hands of Riluc's artisans, who merge centuries-old techniques with contemporary design. Stainless steel and brass take center stage, not only for their sustainability and recyclability but also for their enduring beauty. These metals, known for their durability and resistance, ensure that Riluc's creations are built to withstand generations. Furthermore, Riluc's commitment to environmental responsibility shines through by repurposing production leftovers, prioritizing recycling, and enhancing energy efficiency, all while crafting uniquely personality-infused objects that harmonize design with environmental respect.