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Elevating LIM Presence at Prestigious Prestige Thailand 40under40 Event

In a celebration of achievements and societal contributions, LIM Less is More proudly participated in the esteemed Prestige Thailand 40under40 event held at Capella Bangkok. This exclusive gathering brought together 40 influential individuals recognized for their outstanding impact on Thai society.

Themed "La Dolce Vita," the event served as a canvas for the convergence of exceptional minds and talents. LIM Less is More, known for its curated selection of luxury furnishings, showcased a distinctive array of products that harmonized seamlessly with the theme.

Highlighting the display was the iconic Nathalie bed from Flou, a design masterpiece by Vico Magistretti dating back to 1978. As the inaugural modern upholstered bed with fully removable covers, Nathalie represents a pivotal moment in furniture design, a legacy that endures.

Marcel Wanders' creation, the Echo cupboard, stood as a testament to the fusion of form and function. Its wooden lacquered structure and tempered glass doors demonstrated a seamless blend of aesthetics and practicality, with finish options ranging from classic white to sophisticated silvered bronze glass.

The Fontanella lamp, a creation by Federico Peri, exemplified Fontana Arte's commitment to timeless aesthetics and authentic materials. This lamp, characterized by its lightness, featured metal and glass, embodying the brand's rich design heritage.

With these elegant pieces, LIM Less is More once again left an indelible mark at the 40under40 event, combining the essence of la dolce vita with the intrinsic beauty of design. This participation reflects LIM's ongoing dedication to presenting unparalleled luxury furnishings that resonate with both style and substance.

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