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RODA | GREEN PROJECT Sustainable Products

RODA | GREEN PROJECT Sustainable Products

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A 100% outdoor company
Innovation, design research, technology: RODA proposes its own vision of the Italian design in the world, dictating with its collections the lines of a sophisticated and cosmopolitan style.


Over twenty years of experience and successes, outcome of the acute intuition of the founder, Roberto Pompa, the first to introduce the concept of "IN & OUT", lead to the production of very high quality outdoor furniture,


RODA opens a new era, conceiving a new dimension of living that goes beyond the borders of the house: indoor and outdoor mingle with a harmonic language, in a spatial and conceptual continuum. The philosophy of RODA is based on the belief that it is possible to enjoy the outsides like a true interior design project, in which colors, materials and shapes remain faithful to the value of the spontaneity of living en plein air.

RODA leads a universal project, articulate, complex and complete, supported by the timely coordination efforts of Rodolfo Dordoni and developed over the years around precise values:

  • The Taste

  • The Perception

  • The Versatility

  • The Experience

  • The Mimetic Design

  • The Identity

  • The Quality and Durability

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A story of quality and design, increasingly rich and sophosticated.

RODA was founded in Gavirate (Varese) in 1990. From 1990 to 2000, the company develops increasingly in Italy first and then in the world with the production of outdoor furniture in teak, characterized by quality and design. In 2004, RODA is the first manufacturer of outdoor furniture that turns its thoughts to collections that have the same cultural matrix of the interior, so contiguous to the outdoors to be able to interface harmoniously with them. This is the major turning point which led to the identification of Rodolfo Dordoni as the proper interpreter or RODA’s projects. From his drawings, the articulated NETWORK collection, which perfectly expresses this thought and this new way of living, was born; this collection leads RODA to be the pioneer of the innovative concept of “IN and OUT”, of which RODA claims full authorship.

The creative team of RODA, still leaded by Rodolfo Dordoni, is enriched during the years by the presence of another famous designer Gordon Guillaumier and of the stylist and colorist Gabriella Zecca, who helped to increase the sophisticated taste of RODA.
In 2007, RODA presents “the Catalog”, a unique book which clearly codified its innovative approach to the world of the outdoors and to the interior design, suggesting multiple scenarios in which the furniture alternate between the inside and the outside, in perfect harmony.
Subsequent works confirmed the attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance: the fabrics and the materials become an integral part of a vision that redraws the boundaries between IN and OUT, offering incredible possibilities of combination.