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A Working Space Collection of World-Famous Furniture 



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Over the years Poltrona Frau has also developed recognised expertise in the area of office furnishings. A particularly tricky environment due to the continuous stress to which the furniture is subject and the specific ergonomic and practical requirements of workplaces.

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There is a special awareness nowadays which is best expressed in the complementary combination of natural elements with more sophisticated, man-made products, an awareness which is anything but abstract or complex, but instead down-to-earth, simple, direct and capable of seamlessly matching the unpredictable variety of the mineral and organic world with the uniformity and rationality of high-tech products.

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Let's give the right space to solitude: desks and writing desks

The desire of many is instead that of an enveloping executive desk, an important piece of furniture both for its aesthetic impact and for its function. Useful for those who work from home, or who often bring home work to finish. In the end the small personal desk or a large desk are two different ways, but not opposed, to mean privacy. Your desk must be able to be for life. It is adopted forever. This is why it can only be a piece of furniture of the highest quality: like those in walnut by Porada, perhaps with leather inserts and precious visible stitching, or essential with crystal and steel elements.

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The company designs, develops and produces bent glass furniture in collaboration with renowned designers and architects such as Daniel Libeskind, Massimiliano Fuksas, Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders and Cini Boeri. The production processes used are at the same time crafts and industrial, merging tradition and innovation.

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From now on the focus in the design of spaces should be concentrated in the attempt to seek comfort, in guaranteeing the highest standards and certifications on the pieces of furniture used, and ensuring every that component in the space is environmentally friendly. Well-being and Ergonomics Promote people’s health and well-being to build confidence and improve performance with ergonomic designs focused on comfort. Organizational Culture Understand and preserve brand spaces and culture to take advantage of their spaces and the ways in which their...