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The right blends between art, functionality and comfort. Every product has been carefully selected for our customer who always seek for the ultimate quality from around the world to you who appreciate and believe in design.

LIM is a leading importer of contemporary furnishings since its founding in 1998. The Company caters to home and office furniture collection. The hallmark of LIM’s collection can be found in its capacity of expressing contemporary furniture through the selection of only elegance and prestigious products based on superior design, innovation and technology.


The Company’s ability to reflect contemporary culture, to sense and anticipate trends, to respond to changes in taste and living needs, has resulted in the exclusive rights to a collection of world-famous furnishings, which includes the most prestigious Italian brands: Poltrona Frau Flou Gervasoni Rimadesio Former and Acerbis.


Today, LIM is in the forefront in the forefront in providing exclusive collection of quality furnishing to Thailand. Based on a matchless quality, at providing “timeless” products “lasting through time”


A statement and reflection of both taste and desire. Each one of our product has been carefully considered, chosen, and displayed in our store awaits for “the right” space in which it belongs to.

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