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A leader in producing high quality beds, introduces a new 'sleep culture'

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Flou was founded in 1978 as the first company to identify the concept of a sleep culture. In addition to beds, it manufactures comprehensive systems in which all of the elements work in synergy to guarantee ongoing wellness for the mind and the body.


Flou offers an opportunity to revisit the bed - not just as a place for sleeping but somewhere that can be used for general relaxation, in harmony with how you live, your habits and your lifestyle.

Discover the wide range of combinations of bed bases and mattresses, and choose which mirrors your personality and expresses the very essence of your being.

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The foundation of Flou - which took place in 1978 - was based on the objective of producing beds of high intrinsic and formal quality, combined with the desire to introduce a new 'sleep culture'.

It was a period of great social change: more women were going out to work, the homes required multi-functional spaces, there was the growing desire to live life with greater freedom and higher quality. The bedroom became somewhere more dynamic and the bed abandoned the traditional static all-white appearance and delighted dressing in colours.

Flou was ahead of its time and launched Nathalie, a bed designed by Maestro Vico Magistretti. A bed that combines innovative design and extreme practicality: a flick of the wrist and it is made.

It became the mother of all ‘modern textile beds’, softly upholstered with removable and washable covers, it can be completed with brightly-colored duvets which replace sheets and bedcovers: its success is immediate.
Since then Flou has continued its development and the expansion of its collection with beds, accessories and furnishing accessories designed by its Research & Development Department in collaboration with renowned designers, with the precise objective of improving comfort, wellness and quality of life.

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Back in 1978 Vico Magistretti designed Nathalie, the original modern textile bed: innovative in terms of type, esthetics and performance, it marked a watershed moment in the history of furniture.

The design of Nathalie was an elegant stylish revolution and dramatically changed the taste orientation of a discerning public.
And even today it is unrivalled.