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Ideas and Inspiration on Lighting, Design, and Space

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Vibia is a global architectural lighting company based in Barcelona

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Vibia is based in Barcelona, a city that loves design and culture, past and present. From there we have been able to channel our industrial and service abilities to construct a team of people that create extraordinary products and experiences like never before.

We have used our local knowledge to build a global business. We are present in 80 countries and have a subsidiary in the US.

The Vibia community is constantly growing. Today over a 100,000 professionals work on their lighting projects on

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Our way of working is direct, honest, practical and efficient.

We have created a family of products and experiences that help lighting professionals imagine and design spaces. Our collaborators and customers meet this family through, a virtual space where users can create their own composition of light, share inspiration, manage their project information and get advice from our team.

Our online tools bring products and spaces together, allowing lights to be moulded to a project’s needs, making design easy to visualize and to work with. This immersive digital process means individuals can Light their way with support from our team.

We guarantee a close personal relationship with our local team, who are on call to provide assistance across the entire work process.