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Bontempi Casa - Millennium Table | Bontempi Casa - Tavolo Millennium
Bontempi Casa

Bontempi Casa - Millennium Table | Bontempi Casa - Tavolo Millennium



Founded in 1963 by Alessandro and Giancarlo Bontempi, Bontempi Casa has evolved into an enduring success story, now guided by the second generation of the family since 2010. This dynamic company has demonstrated an innate ability to navigate the shifting tides of the market, continually reinventing itself to cater to the increasingly discerning world of furnishings, perpetually in pursuit of fresh trends. Despite its transformation into a global player, Bontempi Casa remains firmly rooted in its origins and core values. While structures and processes may change, the allure of a family-driven enterprise deeply devoted to design endures. A storied brand, an embodiment of Italian elegance and refinement, and a prominent voice in the global design arena, Bontempi Casa stands as an icon in its own right.



At the heart of Bontempi Casa's mission lies an unwavering pursuit of excellence. This dedication is manifested through a commitment to continuously elevate the standards of quality, proudly showcasing the essence of Made in Italy. With a firm resolve to push boundaries, the company embraces innovation, embracing new technologies and designs that are adaptable to any environment. The quest for beauty, creativity, harmony, and uncompromising quality is a guiding light, driving the creation of singular and treasured living spaces. Their design pieces are not just products; they are personalized, customizable works of art, capable of narrating your unique story and lifestyle. With a curated selection of products and finishes, Bontempi Casa aspires to craft living spaces where every day becomes a canvas for unforgettable emotions.



Bontempi Casa stands resolute in its commitment to safeguarding our precious natural resources. Throughout its production processes, the brand places a premium on the eco-sustainability of the materials it employs. A steadfast adherence to both national and international environmental standards ensures that manufacturing and finishes are achieved without the release of harmful substances. Bontempi Casa proudly employs non-polluting, solvent-free paints, and opts for recyclable plastics, and glass materials. Furthermore, the brand sources wood from forests managed in strict accordance with rigorous environmental protocols. The profound understanding that the future of our planet is intricately linked to the quality of their work underscores Bontempi Casa's enduring dedication to environmental sustainability, rooted in responsible resource utilization.