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Technology and Materials at the Service of Innovation

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Combine technique and imagination, knowing that quality is something that always transcends the essential without slipping into superfluous.

Lodovico Acerbis

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Acerbis International is, for decades, protagonist of Italian Design. A long history of continuous research, innovation, constant re-interpretation of the contemporary world. A design and production approach based on formal and technical experimentation, fine details, conscious use of colors and materials, application and integration of technologies, high quality and technically advanced finishes, great structural and functional clearness. Going through ages and beyond fashions, Acerbis has created timeless, and at the same time very avant-garde, design products. The materials are the main protagonists of the collection, coordinated by Massimo Castagna, introducing new combinations and new meanings. Stone, concrete, glass, metal, lacquer, wood: natural finishes and special treatments, glossy and matt, transparency and opacity, rough and perfect, opposites and affinities linked to form a single distinctive language.

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Technology and materials at the service of innovation

Acerbis has always made technology and experiments the two linchpins of its philosophy: a design in which the visual and the tactile live side by side in a combination of function and beauty. A system of values that dominates the DNA of Acerbis and places the most advanced techniques and the selection of the most innovative materials at the service of design. An idea capable of catching and predicting unspoken needs, of interpreting and anticipating transformations in the ways of living, new functions and technologies, the possibilities and expressive aspects of new materials.