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    Brand: Acerbis


    For his first designs for Acerbis, Massimo Mariani applied the materially-focused approach that won him the Compasso d’Oro to create a truly exceptional line of versatile coffee tables of mixed and contrasting materials. Also available as sideboards, the Moodboard collection is a line of low tables in various sizes and shapes, with tops in a mix of wood, marble, polished steel, and brass, creating a mosaic of materials, colors, and textures.
    Easy to combine to create larger islands of tables for bigger groups, a polished steel or brass tray can be added as a valet or utility tray, which also functions as an integral part of the design and structure when not in use.


    Finishing: Veneer marble Graphite Grey code :R160- 1 with Tray shiny Brass


    Size: W160xd80xh31.5cm


    Price: 329,560 Baht

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