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Brand: Acerbis


Modular system consisting of panels acting as suspended or ground panelling, finished in veneer or K-STONE® with continuous wood grain (*).‎ The panelling can be designed with full-height panels, as wall cladding or as panels with interposed shelves in a flush-fitting system with an aluminium weight-bearing section.‎ The wide central opening of the TV panels enables TV screens to be wall-mounted and wire management.‎ The paneling can be combined with the N.‎C.‎ Smartwall storage units or with floor-standing cabinets (N.‎C.‎ Base,
N.‎C.‎ Ground Sideboard, etc), allowing many different compositional possibilities.‎


Finishing: door colour gray fumo back-laq glass,swamp oak/base manganese , light for tvunit 220V, wooden shelf colour swampoak/ profile gray, metahacrylate shelf typemethacrilat trasparent , type centralcolour swamp oak, swamp oak/ door


Size: W400xD39xH180 CM


Price: 2,232,020 Baht

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