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Brand: FLOU


ProductsBedlinen sets and sheets

Our linens
Duvet covers and sheets to dress your bed with infinite original combinations of texture, nuances with thousands of different facets.

Duvet covers
A line that is unique in terms of depth, variety and style. Our duvet covers play a fundamental role in the collections that we devise year after year because they form a distinctive trait of our production. Natural, luxurious and shrink-proof, they offer extraordinary sheen and stability that ensure maximum performance over time, because tested and studied specifically to avoid deterioration over time.

They are produced in strong reliable brushed cotton, shiny Egyptian cotton satin, natural cotton sourced from organic cultivations and luxurious Indian silk.

You can dress your bed with coherence and elegance, thanks to more than 250 coordinated articles that beautifully match the features of the mattress, available in a choice of 9 widths and 2 lengths.


A collection that is of core importance for us. The production involves lengthy and careful selection of the fabrics for maximum comfort, with unique designs and impeccable quality. Elegant, silky and soft to touch – choose a fabric to match the duvet cover, a fabric that best reflects your esthetic and material taste.

Available in our showroom at LIM Less is more, Thonglor 10

Call: 02 391 1977

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