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Fiocco Sofa With Pouf

Fiocco Sofa With Pouf


Brand: FLOU


Fiocco is a simple sofa in terms of its modularity and shapes: the individual components can be arranged as wished and they can express full-circle harmony with high-performance combinations in any format. The base seating elements are completed by two chaise-longues and a five-sided unit that allows the creation of soft, gently curved arrangements.
The large cushions, available in two heights, can be used as back- or armrests and are anchored to the bases by means of a curved ‘U-shape’ metal rod: this functional and aesthetic addition stabilises the cushions, leaving ample room for the textile component and visually highlighting the feeling of cosiness and comfort. The cover, available in fabric or leather, is completely removable.

Finishing: Fabric Leon / Composition G 


Size: Sofa W 353 x D 96 x H 78 cm.

           Pouf W 96 x D 80 x H 44 cm.


Price: 1,288,280 Baht

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