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Pierre Shell Armchair

Pierre Shell Armchair


Brand: FLOU


Armchairs with a soft, irregular shape and a padded seat with a completely removable leather or fabric cover, they are available in three dimensions and with a backrest in two versions: in the "shell" version the backrest is a curved metal shell that gives it a strong aesthetic sign, in the other the metal backrest is minimal and transversal, making the fabrics the real protagonists of this piece of furniture. The option of freely combining the seat cover, the backrest cover and the metal finish (anodic bronze, white, matt burnished, black, greige and oxide) makes the Pierre armchairs lively, young, capable of giving any environment a touch of personal originality.

Finishing: Fabric connor 701 cat 5 

black structure To 12 


Size: W 101 X D 87 X H 59 cm.

Price: 187,250 Baht

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