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Porada pays its respects to the environment through eco-conscious products, an ethical corporate philosophy and everyday actions. Sustainability is a popular term these days, ubiquitous you might say. Still, it’s necessary. But espousing support for sustainability isn’t enough. We have to do more, to concretely adhere to everything the concept implies through actions, not words, as very few companies actively move to incorporate sustainability in its most authentic form. This is particularly true when it comes to the craft of wood working: consuming the material and constructing a core-business around it can allow for the regeneration of forests when sourced from certified locations in accordance with the right principles and practices. A historic brand with a long held tradition for wood working, Porada and its elegant, cosmopolitan products help to define unmistakeable domestic landscapes. In doing so, the company has completely embraced an authentic concept of sustainability and everything it entails, most of all in the use of wood, which is sourced from certified forests. Since 2011, the Brianza-based brand has acquired entire forests in Burgundy, France, stretching over 220 hectares. With their latest acquisition, the company has implemented precise procedures for cleaning, cutting, and evaluating the existing natural patrimony, and redeveloping the landscapes with the grafting of ash plants. All this has permitted Porada to substantially minimize its supply chain, allowing for the direct use of timber gathered through pruning imposed by French authorities. For the noted design brand, sustainability extends to all areas of production: since 2012, they’ve invested in clean energy, realizing a photovoltaic plant to substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Porada is also completely self-sufficient thanks to a heating system provided by the combustion of working scraps. The environmentally friendly stance of the brand also expands into packaging: cardboard packages are 100% recyclable and the company is experimenting with other materials to substitute plastic where it’s still used. Elsewhere, even the offices have gone plastic-free, encouraging the use of glass cups and flasks while eliminating disposable plastic cups during international fairs. Then there are the “zero kilometer” suppliers and third party collaborators — a network the brand likes to refer to as “Made in Brianza”, flaunting short-distance transportation and reduced emissions with an approach rooted in the local territory and its excellences.Eco-conscious practices seem to pair well with ethical corporate policies protecting employees, who are hired with permanent contracts and operate in a comfortable and safe atmosphere respecting the artisanal work of humans — a principle that has long sat at the center of Porada productive system. All this focus on the environment and quality — because sustainability is, after all, just another way of expressing quality — reflects on Porada products, created to last and transcend trends, representing a longterm investment. In an era that too often favors low-cost furnishings, Porada offers a diametrically opposed product, realized with quality materials that are worked by skilled craftsmen destined to stand the test of time. So what has Made in Brianza planned for the future? The brand hopes to test increasingly ecological production materials and new investments are set to support the photovoltaic system currently in place. What’s more, employees are also being encouraged to limit the use of paper for printing, introducing an entirely digitalized archive system, while investing in hybrid or electric vehicles. Lastly, a new team will be created to tackle “green” ideas and projects.


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