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    SKU: 5648551*0012

    Brand: Poltrona Frau


    A Dandy spirit: elegance and style

    The inspiration for the Grant collection comes from different sources: the ironic and slightly dandy style of Hollywood legend Cary and the military aplomb of heroic general Ulysses. There are also nods to equestrianism and the large luxury cars of the pre-war period. Grant encapsulates the pure masculine essence of a clean, understated and completely unostentatious elegance, evoking the nostalgia of a stylistic and existential golden age.


    Tristan Auer creates three new Grant De Luxe poufs: precious lattice-work and even more versatile designs for an accessory that exudes nomadic and transversal elegance.


    Finishing: Leather Sc 187/Selva


    Size: Ø46

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