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    Brand: CECCOTTI


    The Evermore dining table by Warm Nordic brings a touch of timeless Danish design to your kitchen or dining room. Designed in the 1950s by Arne Hovmand-Olsen, the elegant table is not only the epitome of Danish modernism but also of Nordic craftsmanship traditions – characteristic of the era as well as the designer, the understated design lets the natural beauty of teak wood be its key feature. What’s even better, the table is extendable, making it suitable for any space or occasion. As such, the table seats 6–8 people; if you add the extension leaves, available separately, you get a whopping 90 cm extra length to it.


    Finishing: American walnut brown with Verde Mediterraneo marble


    Size: W250 x D100 x H77 cm.


    Price: 700,000 Baht

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