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    Brand: MDF ITALIA


    Tense is the table’s soul, that expresses itself through a huge consistency in terms of shapes and finishes, the latter in a single material and identical for legs and top, sending a sensation of compactness and modernity. In its essentiality, this table hides a technological heart, encased in the top’s panel, which enables, thanks to the internal tension, to achieve big dimensions, up to 4 meters. And, thanks to the minimum thickness of the top, Tense keeps in any case a high lightweight and stability. The possibility of coming in different sizes and colours enables Tense to meet every customer’s need. Equipped with top-access, the table also lends itself to the needs of professional spaces.


    Finishing: Black Color

    Size: W240XD100XH73 cm


    Price: 390,000 Baht

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